Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wear Your Label.

Wear Your Label is an apparel company that makes items meant to engage people in a dialogue about mental illness. From their website:
1 in 5 people struggle with a mental illness. 5 in 5 have mental health; yet no one is talking about it. Inspired by our personal experiences with mental illness, and frustrated with stigma, we founded Wear Your Label in hopes to change that. Our clothing is designed to create conversations about mental health, give back to mental health initiatives, and ultimately end the stigma (in style).
To “wear your label” is to take ownership over your mental health. Too often we’re told to shy away from labels; that they are inherently bad. But by giving mental health labels a negative connotation, we are dismissing opportunities to create conversations, and this just perpetuates stigma further. Reality is, labels like "anxious" and "depressed" are just descriptors of your mental health, and they're nothing to be ashamed of. We believe you should be able to talk openly about your mental health, recognizing that your labels don't define who you are. Hence: Wear Your Label.
 The ability to disclose your label is a privilege that not everybody has. Similarly to the stay home club, I appreciate the honesty of the shirts, the above model in particular.

They seem very young, good on them for having an idea that coupled with their personal experience and the motivation to do something positive. They seem to be trying to run an ethical business model. They've removed gender-specific sizing from the site, and give back a portion of their proceeds to local mental health programming.

Check them out.

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