Monday, July 13, 2015

On neurotypical privilege.

Everyday feminism has this great web-comic on insider's view of schizophrenia. There are a few frames here, but check out the whole post.

The comic is by Christine Deneweth, whom you can follow on facebook. Googling the term also lead me to this Neurotypical Privilege tumblr and a "rant on neurotypical privilege."

It's a new term for me, but there are many kinds of privilege, and the concept of neurotypical privilege makes perfect sense to me. Although over the last few years I've been able to carve out a social circle that has an understanding of depression, anxiety and disability, I still have friends who have that neurotypical privilege, and for whom understanding me will never really be a possibility.

Usually, I'm pretty lost in my own shit. So I appreciate this post for calling me out on how there is privilege in being depressed, as at least it's a term that has increased visibility. Also, there's a ton of ignorance regarding schizophrenia.

My only experience with it is terribly tragic. My brother's best friend A (who was like another brother to me growing up) had a younger brother, S, who took his own life, gruesomely a few years ago. A was the one who found him. It was brutal on everyone. I think about S occasionally. The details of his suicide were so awful, what must it have been like to live in that? It just seems to painful.

I hope more and more comes out of the mouths of those of us living with whatever makes us "other" to the typical. Typicality is an illusion, and the more we share our stories the sooner that will become clear.

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