Thursday, July 16, 2015

Short film: The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright.

Found my way to this short-film. I'm not crazy about the post that lead me to it, the post is glib and the post is filed to "cute."

It's about suicide, you ass.

The film is well done, but be warned it's a comedy. A British comedy, so it's dry and blunt. I love English comedy, Spaced is an all-time favourite, as is Ricky Gervais.

I thought the dialogue was good, and it's sweet enough, I'm just not in a place right now where I find suicidal ideation that funny. Even though I can see the humour in the conversation, I don't quite find it funny because I can't help but identify with the protagonist.

He never really mentions why he wants to end his life, but I guess that was't the goal here. I think it's meant to really say, out loud, all the questions and possibilities that a depressed brain often shuts out.

In cognitive behavioural therapy, they often work on our use of "always" thinking, "I'm always depressed, and will always be this sad," so you're able to move towards "I'm sad right now, but that doesn't mean forever. It's just a bad day."

So, it's like a humorous representation of CBT, as played out through a conversation with a friend. See things differently, re-frame your life. Stuff like that.

The film is by Tim Hautekiet, and it's part of the Sploid Short Film Festival.

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