Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Stay Home Club: Worth going out for. . .

I'm kind of obsessed with the Stay Home Club right now. First, this is so close to me (staying home, loving animals, being anti-social and cynical) it's as if a magical witch stole my essence. Second, the fact that this is local (to me) and in Montreal makes me extra-love everything because it's that much closer to me.

I've seen the Stay Home Club around at local events, like Puce Pop and Smart Design Mart, and maybe at souk @ sat and expozine. All fantastic events that showcase local design, hand-made goods and small businesses. What I saw was some of their earlier stuff, the staples, the Stay Home Club totes and badges.

I cannot get enough of their new (new to me) stuff.

Check out their website, they have tons of great stuff.

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