Friday, July 31, 2015

Maria Bamford.

I've been aware of Maria Bamford for a while. First there aren't that many good female stand-ups (nothing to do with gender, more to do with stand-up, there aren't many good male stand-ups either, but yes, women are under-represented). I like her, but she also stresses me out sometimes.

This piece, however, is fantastic. Bamford is bipolar, and openly plays with themes of depression, anxiety and suicide in her stand-up.

The following is a story-time segment done for Above Average, called Psych Ward Visit.

Warning: this is her telling a story about being arrested and being placed in a psych ward, so it could be triggering.

She's just wholly original and this impresses me to no end. Brilliant.

There's also an interview with her on Modern Comedian. It's more of a personal interview. She talks about "cognitive confusion" that affected her after her new medication was administered, since thinking and speaking are a big part of being a stand-up (and you know, thinking is part of most jobs) she expresses how confusing it is to just accept that loss. Here we are, medicated and feeling incapacitated (to a degree) and needing to figure stuff out.

She references Crazy Meds, a site that helped her research her drugs, and have a laugh while doing so.

I'm also listening to her interview with Marc Maron, which is no longer available on his site (for free) but can be found on youtube. It's a fantastic conversation, there's a lot about mental health, anxiety and depression, and the way in which the neurosis of it all affects relationships, romance and basically our lives, constantly.

2015-08-03 - Update: Also watched Bamford on a public access show on mental health.

Here she is with W. Kamau Bell talking about her new special, which I need to find.

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