Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fail Constantly.

Another gif from Adam J. Kurtz.

There's something about me, and a couple people I know, that often leads us to be paralysed by the notion of failure. It's as if it takes so much energy just to manage our lives, that working up the energy to try something, and then the added prospect of failure, just seems like an awful risk.

But this is a pro-failure post!

Failing at something means trying things! It means being open! Failing constantly means having the spirit and balls (or vagina) to go for it!

Let's all fail more! And be kind to ourselves for that failure! Let's try more! Failure doesn't have to be this massively heavy word! You tried to make a pie without a recipe. You failed. It sucked. Your family ate it anyway and now it's a story. Next time, don't fucking burn it. BOOM. Move on!

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