Thursday, July 23, 2015

On trying to avoid making decisions on my look when I'm depressed.

I'm trying to avoid my deep, "fuck it" desire to get tattoos and cut my hair while I'm stuck in this depressive pass.

hair animated GIF

I watched Mad Max: Fury Road and now all I want to do is shave my head and go live in the dessert with a bunch of bad-ass radical-feminist ladies.

mad max fury road animated GIF

I wish I could pull off bangs. I want hair in my face/eyes. Like a really messy puppy.

kroll show animated GIF

I'd also get a lot of anti-social tattoos. Knuckle tats. A lot of fuck words. Some real dark stuff. All stuff that I'd find funny, but would make my mother cry and working in the world harder. 

Check out Sean from Texas for some great ones.

I especially like this one.

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