Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Neal Brennan on mental illness, the brain and TMS.

Starting around the 01:01:00 mark, Neal Brennan and Joe Rogan start talking about mental health, research on the brain and all sorts of offshoots of brain health and mental health. Brennan discusses his history with antidepressants and the constant work of seeking treatment.

It's a solid conversation. Rogan is interested and Brennan is an active participant in seeking treatment. You have to be when you're depressed - as is pointed out many times in this interview - very little is actually known about mental illness and the brain in general.

In his stand-up special, 3 Mics, he also talks about his experiences with ketamine (in the above podcast he's still in the process of that treatment) and his experience with TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). 

I'm going to ask Dr. Rishi about TMS, because Brennan says it helped him a great deal. It's covered by medicare in Canada, and it seems to be available at the MUHC.

I'd suck on a magnet if it alleviates some of my fucking pain. I've sucked on worse.

Update (2016-04-20) - Jenny over at The Bloggess posted about TMS, asking her (extensive) readership about experiences with it. Check out the comments section for more.


  1. I'm really impressed with everything Brennan has said on the issue.

    1. I plan on writing him a thank you letter and sending it to his management (or agency?) because when you're out here trying things to get better it takes so much time and energy and you eventually feel like you've tried everything.

      It's nice seeing someone talk about it and share their experiences - I appreciate it.