Thursday, August 20, 2015


Laura Hospes, a Dutch photographer was able to use her camera as part of documenting her experience being hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. She struggles with depression and disordered eating. In an interview with The Mighty, she's quoted as saying:
At first, I made this complete series for myself, to deal with the difficulties and express my feelings.After that, I want to inspire people who are or have been in a psychiatric hospital. I want them to see my pictures and recognize themselves in it. I hope they feel taken seriously, less crazy and less alone.
Check out the photographs.

For me, this one is it. There's this sense of gasping for air, or of being on the precipice of crying. Often, I feel like I'm stuck in that moment. The moment before the release. Just being held, in that moment of pain and anxiety, needing to breathe, needing to cry, but being unable to. For that, this picture is successful.

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