Monday, August 10, 2015

Kevin Bolk's "Everybody is beautiful."

I often look at mainstream representation of "other" beauty and though it's nice to see a little variation in representation, it's often such a small, incremental deviance from the norm.

This illustration represents that perfectly. I think of Addition Elle using Ashley Graham as their main model. Ashley is curvier, and is considered "plus-size." She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Gloriously beautiful. She still fits comfortably in a paradigm of beauty.

Beauty is the ultimate privilege. It can grant you access to places you'd never be privy to otherwise.

I think of Tess Holiday, who is a size 22 and is obese by medical standards (as am I). I can only imagine the negativity and trolling she gets. But, she seems happy and takes care of herself, and is achieving a lot of success. She is one of a very limited group that represent non-traditional beauty.

When you see POC on the runways, they often fit the fashion standard of being extremely lanky and thin. It isn't a representation of different heights and body shapes, it's still majorly one body shape. Most high-fashion stores still sell one-size clothing only.

I'm just kind of feeling like a dumpster goblin today. . . No matter what, I'm always reminded of my body and what it doesn't look like anymore. I'm not sure how to move forward and start taking care of myself again.

Kevin Bolk is the illustrator of the above piece. Check out his work.

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