Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On discrepencies in medicating.

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So I've been slowly increasing my medication, with the help of my family doctor, Dr. Rishi. I've been increasing slowly. I have an appointment set with him in three weeks to evaluate my higher dosage (since I only started this latest increase last night, after 4 weeks on a mid-dose).

A friend of mine went to her GP and had a widely different experience. She refers to her doctor as "not giving a shit" so already the story doesn't start well. She wants to change medication. She is on Celexa, which I was on for a while. She doesn't love it, and I told her I prefer Effexor. Her doctor wrote her a giant prescription for what Effexor, and told her she could just stop taking what she was on.

First, the dosage he's giving her is high. It's not a starter dose. Second, it really bothers me he told her to just stop taking Celexa cold turkey.

She and I e-mailed about it yesterday. She's going to wean off / wean on.

How it is she's prescribed over double a starting dose so nonchalantly - while my doctor is making sure we do it slowly, and that I'm followed?

She and I happen to talk about this sort of thing a lot, so I know she'll be safe about it, but taking too much or too little medication can totally fuck with you. It can put you on your ass. I find it so irresponsible to just throw her a huge dose and not really seem to care about how it goes for her.

It's constant work, making sure you navigate the medical system safely. It takes constant vigilance. It's frustrating, and it's disheartening because once again the onus falls on us.

"Ask for help" they say.

But what kind of help will you get?

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