Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On knowing your limits.

My buddy V linked to this article on Facebook yesterday on how knowing your limits is part of living with depression and anxiety. Like the author, Therese Borchard, I too am often irritated by overly positive texts pasted over out-of-focus nature landscapes that tell us anything is possible if you believe/let go/work hard. Pinterest lives on that shit. 

It's patronizing for someone who struggles so much more to achieve the most basic of "normal" achievements. Borchard's piece discusses her need to be conscious of her limitations in order to live her best life. Being over-worked triggers her, and she has to accept that. That's something we all need to figure out for ourselves (unfortunately). 
I don’t want to have another breakdown this year. I would very much like not to have to wear a paper robe and eat rubber chicken in a room where a bunch of other paper robes fight over the remote control. I know on some level (even if it’s not conscious) that I have to protect my health with everything I have.

I guess I don’t believe everything is possible anymore. Not for people with chronic depression.
I believe wisdom comes with knowing your limitations and living within them.
It's something I struggle with a lot. What's too much? What's selling myself short? It becomes tantamount to living with your foot on the break, which is exhausting and often irritating. You don't always get very far. Borchard's piece highlights how hard it is to accept her limitations. I think that's a wall most people eventually face, but for people like me, I guess there's first finding the wall and then really working on accepting it. It can be like mourning a loss. 

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