Monday, August 10, 2015

Rob Delaney.

I follow Rob Delaney on twitter, I have for a while. He's funny and plays off of machismo a lot. He also makes a lot of jokes about how disgusting out bodies are and how great that is.

A few years ago he tweeted out about depression, which linked to a post on his Tumblr account. Read it. The text is concise and honest. He identifies as suffering from "unipolar depression" which is a term I'd never heard. My understanding is that it's depression. Bipolar being with the manic highs and lows, and unipolar being only the lows.

Delaney often re-tweets the Tumblr post, since he originally wrote it in 2010 (I saw it last year in 2014). He's clearly really successful now, and no doubt he wants to remind people of what he's survived, as a way to encourage others.

I just listened to his interview from a few years ago with Paul Gilmartin on The Mental Illness Happy Hour. He is really well-spoken, and he's been through the ringer. Both he and Paul talk about how shitty it is to be between medications, and how it's often a nightmare. That's something that isn't said enough. I recommend reading his Tumblr post, and listening to the interview.

Paul said this early on in the podcast, and it really poked me the gut. I often feel so irrecoverably broken. But on good days, I can see the light. And I have to hold on to that.

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