Monday, August 3, 2015

Daniel Johnston.


I e-mailed out to a bunch of good friends asking them to keep me in mind when it comes to art, news, memoirs or anything remotely related to mental health, neurotypical privilege, stress, sensitivity, really anything relating to mental wellness and living with pain or just on how hard life is. I have a lot of engaged friends. So I might get a link to something I never would have seen otherwise.  

My friend G, referred me to Daniel Johnston. In her words:
You have to know the work of daniel jonhston, an American musician and composer who suffers from schizophrenia. I'm a big fan of the album Hi, how are you? If you're not too familiar with the guy just watch the movie on him. It's called The Devil and Daniel Johnston. I saw it twice and it just gets better. The guy is a great great deep human being, with a lot of mental struggles.
I'm listening to his Hi, how are you? album now on youtube. I'm blown away. It's just so surreal. But sweet. But dark sometimes.
"Get yourself together or fall apart."
"Running water, where are you running from?" 
You can check out Daniel's official website. He's had a prolific career, there are numerous albums, and links to a bit of his art, but seems to be under construction.

I'm going to try and find the commentary on-line somewhere, I doubt my local video store would have it.

I'm onto his 1990 album now

I also found an interview he did with Nardwuar. He sings around the 6-minute mark. 

His tiny desk concert on NPR is really great. 
"All of your dreams are probably pretend." 
"The angel of death is taking you for a walk." 
Man oh man, what a discovery. Thank you G. A new discography to discover. 

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