Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Two bowls of beans.

It's been a long long-weekend.

I had my nephews for the whole long weekend. Man were they bad. Friday all they did was wrestle / fight / cry / give me attitude. They were so bad I LOCKED THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE - and then the older one shoved the little one through a window to unlock the door! I couldn’t even be mad! 

They're 8 and 6 for crying out loud! They could not stop fighting.
Saturday every child in the neighbourhood was in the yard (my bro has like an acre of wooded land) and there were always, like 4 boys on the trampoline. At one point I looked outside and there were 8 kids, one of which was A FRIGGIN' BABY. Like 2. I had to ask one of the kids, WHOSE FUCKING BABY IS THAT?! And when he said it was a visiting cousin, and I asked where his parents were he seemed totally not worried about it. I, however was worried about it, as my nephews are rowdy as hell and they were having a water-gun fight AROUND A LITTLE (unsupervised) BABY.

We headed back to my place Saturday afternoon - and things got easier there. You have to control the environment. We watched Babe. The older one said, "A movie about a pig? Disgusting." He ended up watching it 3 more times afterwards. Little turd. 

They made their own pizza on Saturday night. Well, the little one did, he made all of our pizzas and then "did the dishes," it was pretty cute. 

Sunday we went for breakfast and they ordered their own plates. I told them to order what they wanted. The little one wanted a waffle and 4 pieces of orange. The older one ordered a bowl of beans, bacon and toast. He ate it all, then asked for a second bowl of beans. Then we shared a small fruit plate with them. The waitress likes us / it’s our local diner so they accommodated us, which was nice. 

I tipped a lot because she was really nice to them. She tried to flirt with the little one and he refused to make eye contact with her he was so shy.

They left Sunday night, after I fed everyone (including their parents). Home made pizza again (kids wanted it again, we didn't fight it), cucumber, beat salad and brownies. It was a success. I passed out Sunday night and woke up Monday in the same position I fell asleep in. 

Yesterday I worked on my patches all friggin' day. I had to cut all the cardboard backing (card stock with the type on it) and bag and tape everything (over 100 items). Then photograph it and put it on etsy - it was a long day. Cutting took forever.

But, I guess it was a productive weekend.

The work-week should be short, which I appreciate. It's Tuesday, the office is mostly empty and there's little work to do. 

I plan on going to bed early tonight, since waking up this morning was hard.
The whole thing was an adventure. The days got preogressively better, as I got sterner with them. I'm not use to dealing with fits and attitude. My approach is to be like, talk about your feelings with me, why are you frustrated?

When really what they need is, if you don't do this right now I'm taking the ipod away for the rest of the weekend. 

My brother was pretty frustrated since he rarely goes away with his girlfriend. He asked the kids if they had fun and they exclaimed yes, with gusto. 

I was pretty surprised, and asked if they were sure since they complained so much, and they smiled and said yes again. Turds. 

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