Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tig Notaro is just a person.

I just finished Tig Notaro's book, I'm Just a Person, which was great. 

I read a lot of comedian memoirs. Many are not great. I love stand-up, I love comedy (I know, I know, who doesn't?) and Tig is in my top 5. I had the pleasure of seeing her live in a small space during the Just For Laughs festival, and listening to Live, was an experience.

Her book is excellently written, excellently paced. It's funny without trying too hard and she shares her story beautifully.

Her observation of the absurd is perfect for the absurdities of pain and loss.

I like Tig. I like her as a comedian and as a personality, and I got that sense of her throughout the book. It had me smiling on public transit (huzzah!) and also aching for her when she described the worst 4 months of her life. Puts vertigo and bell's palsy in perspective. 

She's philosophical but irreverent. That's my language.

She's so charming. So likeable. You feel the warmth and maturity in her writing. Many comedians don't translate to the written page. Tig absolutely does.

She's a great writer and storyteller, if you love Tig, this is a great read. Highly recommended.
See her live if you can, and watch her documentary on Netflix. 

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