Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TV these days.

Emily V. Gordon has a piece up on the NYT about mental-health representation on television.

She mentions Lady Dynamite and Maria Bamford, whom I love. She also mentions You're The Worst and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, shows I've heard of, but not watched.

You're The Worst I caught in bits and pieces, I flipped to it mid-episode where the main character was crying alone in her car, which I mean, I get, but I didn't feel like watching.

I'd add Please Like Me to that list - which shows anxiety and depression and mania and is still super funny and sweet. There's actual long-term representation of a mental-health facility and that patients/friends in it.

Even Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt represents PTSD. So there is representation of mental illness slowly making its way into television.

It is, as they say, the "golden age of television," and lately it seems every comedian I like is getting their own television show, so what a time to be alive!

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