Friday, September 30, 2016

Bonding over office drama.

Something very unusual happened yesterday. A co-worker asked me to join her and a few others for a drink after work, and I agreed.

We went to a local pub and ended up leaving around 10:30 (at NIGHT).

I can't even remember the last time I 1) socialised with work people and 2) socialised on a work-night. Spectacular miracles all around.

It was a nice night, we laughed a lot. Two of the younger mid-20's guys didn't know what kegel exercises were. They learned a lot.

What was most interesting for me, was how much I learned once they'd all started drinking. Especially regarding office drama and politics. There's long been two people I'm not a fan of. One is a partner who is terrible to work with. He has no concept of time or deadlines and speaks in weird, fluttery language that makes him impossible to take direction from. He also is a bit of a snob. The other is his attaché, a golden boy he loves, but who I now know everyone has problems with.

My issue with him was that he's entitled and inconsiderate. He talks to everyone like they work for him (he's not even an architect, he's still in school) and he's often patronising. Here are a few examples:
  • Once I came in to a note that said "I needed a USB key, so I took yours." He went through my stuff, took my USB key, then removed what was on the USB key and placed it on a shared server. The nerve of going through someone's things!
  • In the kitchen, he never cleans up after himself. And when we ask him about it, he clearly does not give any shits. He steams his milk and leaves a crust. Every. Day.
  • He uses a coffee machine that's expressly for guests and senior partners (the kid is like 28).
  • If he borrows something and you speak slowly and clearly that he needs to bring it back when he's done. He won't. You know this. And he lies to your face.
  • I replaced the receptionist a few times this summer for her holidays. He would come and sit in the lobby in the couch chairs and read magazines. During work hours. Casually. No care in the world. 
These are everyday annoyances. You deal. I think shit started hitting the fan when he yelled at a client and a co-worker. And then it came out that two clients refuse to deal with him at all. This is a young kid. Not even an architect yet - how was he not fired!?

Then we found out he was hired at 55,000$ a year, which is significantly more than all of the junior staff. That added injury to the daily insult. He makes more than some architects. But they're women, you see. They handle their burden silently. They work hard. They're polite. They're enjoyed by their colleagues. He has an ego. He's entitled. He tells people their ideas are wrong, their designs ugly. A true visionary rectal wart. 

The gender pay-gap is real.

He comes in late, smug. People don't want to work with him. Co-workers think he's disrespectful. Clients think he's a dick. He's just not great. And the way he seems to be an exception to decency while making more money than folks killing themselves on projects makes everyone furious. 

I learned all about that last night, which was nice. I know it's a suck situation but the fact is I internalise so much being able to relate to other humans was nice.

I know very little about the people I spend my days next to. I liked everyone I went out with before, but now I know a little more about them. Mainly what lushes they are. I had a drink. It sucked. I don,t know enough about alcohol to have any test or knowledge. 

I'd like to work on being more social. 

I have a lot I want to work on!

batman and robin awkward gif giant duckling

It's Friday! 

Can't wait to go home and take my bra off!

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