Monday, January 23, 2017

A proclamation of inflammation.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment. This past November I saw Dr. Rishi at his new clinic, and he said it was time for my yearly blood test, and I mentioned testing for inflammation, since my mother has been struggling with that recently.

We went over my blood test results, and we've finally stumbled across something that isn't right. I can understand that to someone who isn't sick, or who doesn't feel like shit, that might sound off. But if my bloodwork points to there actually being something wrong with my body, it validates me. I'm not entirely crazy, I do have symptoms and difficulties that stem from somewhere.

According to Dr. Rishi, my blood's sedimentation rate was alarmingly high.

According to Wikipedia:
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is the rate at which red blood cells sediment in a period of one hour. It is a common hematology test, and is a non-specific measure of inflammation. To perform the test, anticoagulated blood was traditionally placed in an upright tube, known as a Westergren tube, and the rate at which the red blood cells fall was measured and reported in mm/h.
Again, according to the same page on Wikipedia, normal rated vary between 20-30 mm/hr.
In 1967 it was confirmed that ESR values tend to rise with age and to be generally higher in women.[5] Values are increased in states of anemia,[6] and in black populations.[7]
Men—5% exceed121419
Women—5% exceed182123

According to my reading, I'm currently at a 75. That does seem very high. So, Dr. Rishi asked for an extended blood workup, and if I can get to bed early enough I'll go tomorrow morning. We then booked an appointment in 2 weeks to see what the results are. From there we can either do further tests or he can send me to a specialist of some kind.

I'm happy I'm getting some kind of answer, and that this might lead me to further discoveries that might help my health, but I'm also tired and discouraged at this new chapter of work, emotional labor and advocation that will come from new tests, new doctor's and just more time spent in the medical establishment.

My buddy JD said the anti-inflammation diet did wonders for her and her fibromyalgia. This is also a possibility for me, but it makes me nervous because of the cost, and the time and energy it takes to cook in such a precise, clean way. No wheat. No dairy. Whenever someone says the word "diet" to me I worry, I always feel I'm quite close to returning to ED territory.

I still think about it, and I still remember the high it gave me, I also know what it feels like to jump ship into the deep end, and remembering those sensations makes me uncomfortable.

AS usual, I'm getting ahead of myself. For now I'll start with a blood test. I'll try and go tomorrow morning. All I have to do is get up at the crack of ass.

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