Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"We Need A Review Site For Psychiatric Hospitals—So I Built One."

Check out We Need A Review Site For Psychiatric Hospitals—So I Built One by Kit Mead.

Then check out the actual review site, Psych Ward Reviews.

Fantastic initiative.

To a certain extent this blog has helped do something similar for me. Tracking all the services I'm attempting to access or with which I've had a shite experience helps me in tallying my difficulty in accessing care. It isn't forgotten. I don't always remember it all, so this helps.

Technically the concept could be extended. Various medical spaces, by location, by specialty, etc. It would allow people to share experiences not only with emergency mental health services but walk-in clinics, gynaecologists and other segments of ourselves. Maybe a family-doctor is known for being trans-inclusive and friendly. Maybe this crisis centre has great walk-in hours . . . . Anything helps really. Sharing information about services and care makes all the difference in the world.

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