Friday, April 3, 2015

How the week goes.

So it's Friday. It's also "Good Friday" on Easter weekend so I'm one of three bodies at work today. I was alone for a good part of the morning. I considered just napping but eventually someone else came in. I'll probably leave earlier, because I'm a renegade.

The cycle of the weekday format kind of blows my mind. Whenever Friday rolls around I'm considerably happier and well, elated. I know I can soon go home and "take it easy." In my case right now my family is in the country visiting my brother, so I can take it real easy and not feel any type of judgement or pressure. I can be alone, and do what I want to do, whatever that is. That's sometimes really nice.

But the cycle cycles and it's Monday and things seem irritatingly redundant.

But it's the nature of the work week, and there are no surprised about what next week will look like. It'll be the same.

I'm having a lot of trouble lately being present in myself. I want to be able to be kind, and be present. Wherever I am.

But lately all I am, and all I continue to be, is tired.

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