Friday, April 10, 2015

CLSC help-line: a line to nowhere.

I received a letter in the mail from my local CLSC regarding my request for a family doctor. They said I was already registered to Dr. Rishi (the doctor who went missing) so I was denied. They then say if I have any questions to call them.

I called them. It’s one of those automated phone systems that just hangs up on you.

Legit. Press 1, or it hangs up on you. Listen to a short explanatory message, it hangs up on you. What you’re calling for isn’t listed? It hangs up on you.

I was hung up on 4 times. I got no information. I wasn't able to speak to anyone.

Adding to this hot-mess of medical legitimacy was the fact they they gave Dr. Rishi’s cell phone number. So I called him. This is how that went:

Dr. R: Hello?

K: Hello, this is weird. I’m sorry to be calling you but the CLSC gave me your phone number because I tried to sign up for a medicare doctor and they said I can’t because I’m attributed to you.

Dr. R: I’m sorry there’s been a lot of change with my work situation, but I can definitely help you either sign back up for medicare or you can follow me to my new practice.

K: When I called Curel-Med they were super sketchy about your whereabouts. One day you said to call you back. I called you back and you didn’t work there anymore.

Dr R: Who is this?

K: It’s Kristin (last name omitted).

Dr. R: Oh hi Kristin! I have your medical report from the hospital!

K: I know. I know you do. That’s why I’ve been trying to reach you.

Basically he left the practice at Curel-Med because of a bunch of administrative errors on their part, and he’s starting a smaller clinic near Concordia’s Layola campus. He apologized for the hot-mess, and said they were supposed to mail out letters to his clients, but didn’t (no doubt an example of their shittyness). He said he was on vacation until the new clinic opened. So I apologized for bothering him, and I’ll be able to see him in a few weeks. In theory.

The adventure continues!

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