Thursday, April 2, 2015

*Head Nod* to Pia Glenn.

Stigmatizing Depression Is Not Going To Help Us Understand What Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Did

So this piece by Pia Glenn is the first I've read that makes sense to me. There's been a lot of misinformed bullshit about depression and it's role in the Germanwings/Andreas Lubitz story and there's also been a lot of garbage editorializing following those assumptions.

Hats off to Pia, her piece is well-informed, and well, touched. She speaks from a specific position and she's able to talk about things that are difficult to talk about, and link issues that need linking.

A few highlights for me:
Whether we personally live with it or not, it serves us all to work toward having a better grasp of mental illness. What I want is for conversations about depression, public and private, to focus more on compassion, care, and treatment than finger-pointing and accusations.
Lack of access to care cannot be removed from its outcome.
...we also have unprofessional mental health “professionals,” rampant misdiagnoses, and poor treatment or a lack of treatment altogether. The same impulse to just know what this thing is, to give it a name and a label and a shape and a solid form, applies to both this heinous tragedy and also to depression itself.
So much work needs to be done, I hope the next few weeks bring about more work like Pia's, and really engage people in conversation. 

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