Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Avoid Committing Suicide.

Taryn Riera over at Salon wrote something called How to Avoid Committing Suicide. I liked the title - it gives you a good idea of the tone of the article.

I recommend you read it. It doesn't have a cure-all in it. There's no magical panacea (what a bummer). But it is honest:

I know that recovery is a process that stops and starts, goes up and down, and sometimes spits you back out right where you started. And I know that all of this is OK. It may seem counterproductive to tell someone that their desire to cut themselves to ribbons or throw themselves into traffic is all right, but as someone who has been there and back again more times than I can count, there is nothing more important. These feelings are OK and you aren’t crazy for having them. As I struggle to write something inspiring to the people like me, desperately hoping for a way out of their illness, I can only say that you will not feel this way forever. There will be a time, even if only for a little while, when you feel happy. Whether it’s an Adderall-fueled binge of productivity, a medication that works for you, falling in love, getting a dog, finding a therapist who isn’t shit, making a new friend, or going on an adventure, you will be happy again. You will remember what it feels like to want to be alive. And those times are worth it.

It's what we hope isn't it ...  that the pain we survive can be outweighed by the good days.

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