Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dear Bystander, The Unsolicited Advice Has Got To Stop.

The Establishment has a great piece up, Dear Bystander, The Unsolicited Advice Has Got To Stop.

The piece, by Katie Klabusich hits the nail on the head regarding unsolicited advice, patronizing tones and unhelpful commentary.

Interesting statistical precision:
Statistically—because 18.5% of us are dealing with a mental health issue at any given time according to the National Institute of Mental Health—you may have even had an extended period where you struggled with a life-disrupting condition. Only 4.2% (approximately 10 million) of us over the age of 18, however, have a long-term illness. Time, Newsweek, et al can run headlines about the one-in-five Americans with a mental illness all they want; those statistics include temporary as well as chronic conditions.
In short: your experience with meds and/or therapy and/or a temporary debilitating condition should aid you in cultivating empathy, but should not teach you the lesson that you totes know how fix all the neuroatypical, disabled, and chronically ill folks around you.
 I could basically quote the whole thing. Check out Katie's article.

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