Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Abraham Maslow.

I looked up Maslow after being poked by this quote. Known for Maslow's hierarchy of needs, he was a member of the "positive psychology" school of thought, which focuses on the "positive" rather than the "negative" side of psychology.

Though I understand the value of positive psychology in some instances, generally I find it patronizing. It also further stigmatizes and belittles mental illness.

When applied to personal habits, or personal growth (as it would relate to Maslow's hierarchy) I can see how questioning our choices and understanding the possibility for change can be really powerful.

Sometimes I'll do something seemingly banal - I'll take a walk, take a different route, meet a friend for coffee unexpectedly - and I surprise myself in that moment, and in reflecting on it afterwards. I think to myself, well, that was nice. Surprisingly nice. I am a creature of habit. Of taking my small comforts where I can. I am also my own worst enemy, and getting outside of myself is often a welcome break.

It's hard to stay awake to that. It takes so much energy.

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