Friday, February 20, 2015


First of all, as an Anglophone reading a French title I’d like to acknowledge that the clinic title sounds like “Psycho Socials” which rings like some type of débutante ball, but with less dancing and more internal-struggling. What it is actually is a program title within Quebec’s local clinics. It’s basically an intake service for psychological and social services.

I attended one yesterday, in order to potentially access sliding scale services locally.

It went alright. Though at this point I've answered the same series of questions a dozen times over the last two years attempting to access the golden ticket of mental health care. It’s redundant and demoralizing. Let me tell you the my story, so it can be filled away somewhere...

The nurse, Emilie, was kind and young. She was the only nurse who spoke any English. She struggled. I switched to French occasionally, but she never switched out of English, which I appreciated.

So, after an hour of questioning, I'm on a 9-month waiting list for therapy services. Of course, this could go longer since I requested someone who speaks English. I expect to be on some fictional waiting list, tantamount to having written a letter to Santa. My name is somewhere - but really who gives a shit.

My visit to the CLSC is a direct result to the 3 references given to me by the doctor’s at St-Mary’s:

First, I was referred to Suzanne Marcotte (514-369-9193). I'm not sure why. She’s French and Charges 100$ for 50 minutes. This didn't seem to align with my language preference or my budget constraints, so she referred me to L’Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec. I called and left two messages and never heard back.

Second, the Montreal Therapy Centre (514-244-1290) here sessions are 80$ a session and they’re located in NDG.

Lastly, CLSC Psychosocial Intake, where it wasn't easy pressing for English services, and where I met Emilie last night. Basically I'm on a waiting list (I'm still on a waiting list for a family doctor by the way, it’s only been a decade) and if I want to kill myself I should call them and give them a heads up.

Faith in the system: little to nil.

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