Friday, February 20, 2015

Harris Wittels.

Another comedian has lost his life to darker parts of himself.

I know Harris Wittels as a writer on Parks & Recreation. He was a regular one-liner in public town meetings on the show, and played Harris the Pawnee civil servant.

Harris died last night of an apparent overdose, at the age of 30. The guy was clearly a wunderkind if he's only 30 but already has Parks & Rec, Eastbound & Down and The Sarah Silverman Program on his resume.

The comedians I follow on Twitter all have nothing but praise for his sweet, funny nature. I don't have any original insight to his death. I just wanted to take the time to write his name because I just feel a lot about this.

I feel for his friends.

I feel for him. I can easily insert myself into last nights denouement.

These comedians, we funny people... With so much insight, such sensitivity and hyper-awareness, it is a gift and a curse. The curse comes first and the humour comes after. It's a way in which to unmask and undress the horror we feel from being alive.

Rest in peace Harris. I'm so sorry.

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