Monday, March 14, 2016

That's not even close to right.

My mother has the ability to attempt to name an actor and consistently be incorrect through the oddest of twists and swapped letters.

This weekend while driving down to visit my brother, she said, "What's his name, Kevin Spacek?"

"Do you mean Kevin Spacey?"

It's constant. It's been for as long as I remember. My favourite, and the time that really sticks to my memory is the time she said something along the lines of, "He reminds me of Ganadoo."

"Gan-a-doo? Who's that?" I asked.

"Oh you know, the wizard guy in the Hobbit movies."

"You mean Gandalf?!" I exclaimed, horrified.

"Yeah yeah, Gandalf."

You have to understand, for several years my family and I re-re-watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy every Christmas break. She has seen hours and hours of LOTR and The Hobbit, it makes no sense that she can't name Gandalf.

I think the only popular culture figures she's never gotten wrong are Oprah and Ellen.

I'm trying to think of other names she's butchered, they're all great. I don't think anything will ever top "Ganadoo" but there's still time.

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