Sunday, March 6, 2016

Everything is expensive. Please be less expensive everything.

So on a slow day at work I had started to look into further training and classes I could take. 

I get bored sometimes, and I also worry about my job security and my employability.

I ended up on the OCAD website, taking a look at their Inclusive Design master's degree. 

Turns out, their inclusive design graduate degree is made pretty exclusive by the 20,000$ price-tag. 

I think inclusive design could be an interesting field, and find it especially interesting in regards to mental health. While in crisis, sometimes I'm non-verbal. Design tools that cater to that, and that aim for a non-verbal representation of needs could be really helpful. 

I was introduced to K through a buddy while in Victoria. K is doing a masters revolving around disability at Concordia University. We talked at length on a beach in Victoria (not too shabby). She recommended Feminist Queer Crip and On Being Ill by Virginia Woolf. Both are on my to-read reading list. 

I hope I can talk to her about her experience with the Concordia master's program - I think she's doing it with the school of fine art though - I'm not sure.

I feel kind of stuck these days. I don't have much money coming in. I still have some credit card debt to pay off, I have a minimum amount saved up for a down-payment (10,000$) and now time is just passing. I'm still living pay-check to pay-check. I guess I just feel I need a project. 

I'm attempting to take better care of myself but I have good days and bad days. I haven't been cooking. 

I went for brunch with a buddy yesterday and she talked about her having greatly benefited from an elimination diet, which helped her figure out which foods aggravate her fibromyalgia and chronic eczema. We talked about it at length, since she says she feels drastically different, and feels her general mood, depression and energy have changed for the better. 

She's not one to preach on this kind of stuff, but she said I might find it interesting and helpful, which I might. I do feel lethargic and tired after bread and carbs, so I would probably see a big difference in reducing my wheat consumption. 

I am thinking about housing and I'm thinking about work and I'm thinking about what I want, and I just go back and forth on a lot of it. Sometimes I'm bored and feel like I could do more. Other times I feel like I should limit my responsibilities and commit to the least amount possible. 

Ups and downs. 

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