Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Can't Feel (half of) My Face.

Technically this is incorrect. I can indeed feel my face, I just can't move it.

Last night I went to bed earlier, before 9 pm, I think it helped. A few colleagues who hadn't been in yet this week saw me today, so I've done the introduction to society bit, just like a débutante!

My mom is coming into the city today, we're going to go for lunch and meet with our tax guy to sign our tax returns for 2015. Fingers-crossed I get a decent return this year, it would be nice.

Pray for my tiny pile of money! Well, it's a bit of a hole now, so maybe pray that it be less of a hole and more of a wee pile.

Help me gods I don't believe in! Help me Tom Cruise!

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