Thursday, September 3, 2015

The brain fog.

I'm foggy today. I feel slow and kind of impaired. Kind of like I'm a sleepy baby.

Specifically this sleepy baby:

sleepy baby animated GIF

It's difficult to explain, but I guess being sleepy is the closest reasonable comparison. It's very much like when you're trying to stay awake, but you know you're tired and need to sleep, and your body is starting to shut down regardless of your intentions to stay awake.

It's like an early stage of that. I'm not nodding off, but I can feel the heaviness in my eyes, and everything has a slower, languid pace.

I'm having coffee now, hopefully that'll help a bit. I'm limiting my coffee now though, so I can't just count on that.

This upcoming weekend is the labour day weekend, so I'm looking forward to having the extra day off, and then also having that shorter week next week. I'm tired.

Have I mentioned I'm tired?

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