Friday, September 11, 2015


An article over on Motherboard had me reading up on Misophonia.

Misophonia is described as being a hatred of sound, specifically in this case the sound of other people's mouths. I can relate to this, since I absolutely detest the sound of someone chewing gum, especially if they have a lot of saliva in their mouth. Sucking teeth, sucking face, or a dog licking itself can all drive me nuts, and have me feeling in characteristically rage-y.

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But is it a disorder?

The article itself says that there's a "lack of scientific consensus on whether or not misophonia is an actual psychological disorder" or just a "shared annoyance." The article quotes Arjan Schröder, a psychiatrist at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam:
... for the people that come here, the symptoms are so severe that they are clearly suffering. They can't eat together with others, sleep in the same room, or even go to work. Misophonia has so much effect on them, that they start avoiding places. And that only makes it worse. 
It usually starts around 13 or 14, when most psychiatric disorders start occurring. It occurs in families, so there's probably also a genetic component. And finally, it's a problem in which a connection is made between a neutral sound and an aversive emotion. It's a conditioning process: if you're in a problematic situation regularly enough, and start avoiding that situation, it gets worse and worse.
I don't think I'm living with Misophonia, I think I have a real intense pet peeve that gives me rage and makes me want to scratch out my own ears and tell the person they're the fucking worst thing to ever happen to me. 

Then again maybe I am somewhere on the spectrum.

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