Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lonely island, indeed.

I've not been doing well lately.

I'm tired and feel like I'm the heaviest I've ever been. My joints hurt. I feel like a hunchback. I just can’t get enough sleep.

Work isn't great. I'm bored and frustrated. I don’t feel safe here. Looking for another job is hard, and I feel like shit so the prospect of interviewing seems like a waste.
Interviewer: “What are your weaknesses?”
Me: “Patience, and I wish I was dead a lot.”
Not the best. Feeling useless and shitty isn't the best time to be thinking through a lens of ambition. It’s like creating a black hole in your own mind, it just doesn't compute and you end up feeling anxious and fucked.

I'm still trying to live and function. I'm getting a haircut tonight. I'm spending the day with my closest friend on Saturday, and hopefully seeing Popstar and getting pedicures can make me giggle and feel human.

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