Thursday, June 16, 2016

On makeup.

Lately, I've been wearing full-makeup. I have a face regimen. I use highlighter. Concealer. I am even trying to contour. I had started watching makeup tutorials a few months ago, just to start learning, and then Bell's Palsy hit. And, well, it really made me appreciate my face.

I've been taking the time to put on full-makeup, and I really feel like it's a type of psychological armour. Especially for going into the city to work.

My treatment is antidepressants and lipstick by Hafsa Guled reminded me of that.

I'm no makeup pro, I'm learning, and it's expensive as shit, but taking the time to take care of my skin, and trying to apply makeup in a way that makes me happy with the way I look, well, it's in the theme of self-love, or it's at lease parallel to it.

My face hasn't 100% healed, and I think a droopy eyelid and some uneven musculature in my cheeks/smile are my new normal, but my eye closes and I'm 90% healed, and I'm grateful for that.

Monday, after what happened in Orlando I put full-makeup on, hard. Contoured harder than usual, went full glam. It was just my way of getting extra-ready for the day.

It's just a cross-section between taking care of your skin but also giving yourself a little boost of self-confidence. I'm not saying it's necessary, but I'm saying for me, lately, it helps.

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