Monday, June 13, 2016

Pulse nightclub, Orlando.

I won't have to link to the referenced story here. This is now infamous. A historical mass-shooting. And once this is published, this story will exist in the archive of the internet, more information will be available to you, the future reader than to me, the present writer.

My heart wrenches for those in Orlando. The family and friends. The community. The ringing cell phones, unanswered.
Fuck homophobia. Fuck racism. Fuck misogyny. Fuck automatic weapons. Fuck toxic masculinity. Fuck fundamentalism. Fuck your set doctrines. Fuck your bathroom laws. Fuck your trans-phobia. Fuck your prayers. Fuck your inaction. Fuck your ignorance, your arrogance, your entitlement. Fuck you for supporting a culture that's so proud of its own idiocy. Fuck you for creating a culture where satire and deep, cynical sarcasm is our way of pointing out your inanity - and you don't fucking get it. Fuck your entitlement to our bodies. To violence. To space. I am insanely angry. I am unbelievable horrified. But today, the day after such deep engulfing sadness, I'm also indignant to the point of unrelenting opposition. Progress is coming. We're all fighting for it. You are desperate and angry and afraid, and we're sick of dealing with your hatred and your bullshit. Fuck you. Get over yourself. Your words affect lives. Your policies police bodies. Your homophobic jokes keep people in closets. Your homophobic church, pastor, temple or shrine, your homophobic leader, your synagogue, mosque or statue, your homophobic, misogynist fear-mongering religion is dated, it comes from a hateful history and you should know the fuck better. Read a fucking book. Meet fucking people. Go outside. Experience the lives of other. Learn. Better yourself you fuck.

And to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. To the a-gender. To the sexless and to the sex-full. To every possible denomination of gender, sex, race, culture, class and ability. To all of us, I say I'm so fucking sorry.

I wish I could do more.

All I did today was make my contour especially sharp. I highlighted a little more. I walked out my door resolute to be myself.

I wish I could do more.

Update - 15/06/2016 - So I'm less rage-y right now, and want to point to the stories of those helping, those being brave, those being amazing in an awful time.

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