Friday, May 6, 2016

Kristen Bell on her experience with anxiety & depression.

I listen to podcasts at work quite a bit. They keep me sane.

Last week I made my way through a few episodes of Off Camera, and really enjoyed Kristen Bell's episode. I'm a fan of hers. She had me at "hello" with Veronica Mars, and then made Forgetting Sarah Marshall and is now on House of Lies, so basically I liked her choices and she kind of pushed it over the top to just loving her / thinking we're secret friends when she cried about sloths.

Listen to the podcast episode for a great discussion on all sorts of things, I thought it was fascinating hearing about her and Dax Sheppard's relationship, especially since they're so different. If you can, listen to his episode as well. Really fascinating. I really identify with Dax's "the world is full of wolves" mentality, but I can see why he'd be drawn to Bell's enthusiasm and joie-de-vivre. 

Shame on me for thinking she was the living embodiment of a Disney princess, beautiful and worry-less (I thought this before she got Frozen, she's like all cute and perky and sings to animals). Here is an excerpt in which Bell talks about her experiences.

I just want to wrap her in a blanket and hold her like a baby, but like, in a cool way.

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