Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Getting bodied.

This is not just a reason to post a Beyoncé video.

... though you should watch this immediately because Beyoncé­.

What does my body actually look like? by Amy Stephenson is really well written. There's a lot of it I recognize myself in. It's just a great snippet of what it's like to think about your body all the time.

Never the "Pretty Girl" by Carlyn Hill kind of hit the nail on the head for a lot of us, I think. There are pretty girls, and then there's everyone else. It's just a different life experience. Cue the Ani DiFranco song.

‘I Felt Both And Neither’: Reflections On The Gender Binary by Naseem Jamnia is another great piece to end this triptych. Gender representation has always been a weird one for me personally, as has sexuality, the way I'm read is not how I would identify, and the way I identify does not mesh well (I feel) with my sexuality.

Bodies and identity are on a spectrum. And the looser we allow those definitions to be, the happier we'll all be (I think, I mean I don't know a ton about happiness, lol). 

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