Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mindy Kaling + Nick Kroll.

Just about to finish up Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? - and one of her last chapters makes mention of how many people in her life live with depression:
I should start off by saying that I am one of the only television writers I know who is not depressed ... I'm just bringing it up because depression is something that I've come to accept from my creative community and I realize that's probably alien to most people. I don't know why the funniest people I know are also depressed ... It's sad that so many of my friends suffer this way.
Depression in creative, and depression in comedy writers are themes I encounter a lot. I had seen a Buzzfeed article on Nick Kroll ages ago, and I kept the link to eventually mention it here.
As we start our gradual shuffle down from the observatory, I ask whether someone who hadn’t grown up struggling — for money, for comfort, for success — could succeed in the comedy world. He turns suddenly serious: “I mean, look, we all suffer in our own way; like,life is miserable. And I’m not, ‘Oh, I’m a stand-up who’s sad,’ but the reality is that just about everyone is quietly unhappy. I don’t think that pertains to comedians specifically. I think most people look at themselves in the mirror and are not happy with what they see.”
 I have a few archived sources I want to eventually get to on this subject, but it'll take some time on my part, since I want to watch a few segments and read a few articles. This is a reoccurring phenomena that I see in my life, that I experience personally, and that seems mirrored in the comedy community I value and "follow."

In the case of Kroll, he posits that general unhappiness is universal. Life is hard. But there's something about the development of humour and wit as a reaction to hardship or pain that I think is real. Part of accepting life as miserable involves also seeing part of it that are innately nonsensical and absurd. That recognition, when diluted with humour, is tangibly more palpable.

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