Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dog encouragement.

I love dogs. So much. More than any other thing. They make me happy, just by my looking at them! Sometimes I spot them while driving. One of my favourite things is when I'm in traffic and a car rolls up beside me and I'm face to face with a back-seat dog. It's even better when it's summer and our windows are down. Sometimes while out walking, I'll make a detour, just to walk by a nice-looking dog.

When I walk around down-town, I'll often see city dogs in little jackets or in bags. They always make me smile. City dogs are harder to impress, they're desensitized to new folks, since they see people all day long. It takes more work to engage them.

Last week I pretended to be interested in fancy headphones in order to walk into an urban wear store and pet a baby pit bull / american bull dog puppy. She was so cute. She was like a tiny barrel of muscles and puppy teeth.

I miss having a dog in my life. Sometimes I'll babysit my brother's dog, but it's not the same. I care about him a lot, and I take good care of him, but he's not mine. He's not my dog-buddy. He's like a third nephew. He's like the quietest, cleanest of them. He listens the best. Really.

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