Friday, October 23, 2015

A case of the Fridays.

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Fridays make me crazy maybe. I'm sitting at work, in this open industrial-loft type space, and all I wanna do is randomly exclaim “it’s fucking Friday!” every once in a while. A colleague had a cup of tea on a side of a desk and I just wanted to swat at it enthusiastically, sending hot liquid flying and watching the cup crash into the concrete floors. Understand, this wouldn't be out of malice, but out of excitement!

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Like when a child is “full of beans” and can’t sit still. My grandmother use to say my brother was full of “piss and vinegar” which remains to this day one of my favourite expressions. It definitely applied to my brother, and two-decades later it applies to his 7-year-old son.

So today, I feel like I'm filled with piss and vinegar. I especially want to talk abrasively and laugh aloud. I want to make jokes with construction workers and high-five a small child. 

I wonder if this is what being manic is like. These days I've felt pretty good, but today I'm just excited that it’s Friday and can’t wait for the weekend – so I feel doubly better than I usually do. 

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I feel so unlike myself, this piss and vinegar make me want to pull pranks! How shitty is that? I want to poke people and rough-house and run through a field. When, have I, a fat, lazy, over-grown toddler ever wanted to do anything close to that. Nap in a field maybe.

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