Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A good day, and base-line happiness.

I'm in good standing today. A good day is rare, and when I sense them inside me I'm always a little giddy. I'm filled with this energy that I don’t usually have. I feel oddly rambunctious and want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them joyously. Is that a thing?

I also smile more, and giggle at random happenings on the street. A dog in booties? Giggle giggle. A woman scolding her boyfriend over his ugly shirt? Giggle giggle. A girl giving sass over the phone? Giggle, then slow your walking pace so you can eavesdrop. Then giggle again.

My nephew will be staying with me for a few days so I'll be distracted over the next while. It'll get me out of my routine. Nothing like a child around to just destabilize me completely.

I wonder if “regular” people - those without depression or anxiety or any type of disordered brain feel like this everyday. Is that possible? Sure, folks have bad days, but the base-line of happiness and contentment must be significantly higher than mine. This is almost incomprehensible when it comes to actually imagining what that must be like.

If depression is an impairment, removing that for a day feels like an enhancement - but really it's just returning to a level of being able to live my life.

Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Like it says on the top of this blog page, survive the bad days, capitalize on the good.

Appreciate your base-line of happiness, people who aren't me.

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