Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So very irritated.

I am irritated. I am irrationally irritated.

I feel as if there’s always someone standing over my shoulder and I want to swat them away. I feel like a creep is trying to whisper in my ear, my shoulders are tense and I want to aggressively shove myself to safety.

My desk-mate, a perfectly sweet and harmless girl is chewing food in a way that can only be described as deliberately thorough. It’s with such enthusiasm that it’s soliciting in me a severe dislike for her. This is someone I usually enjoy. Not today.

Windows seems to like telling me it can’t rename a file I just created. It tells me I have no right. I have every right as I created the file. It’s only renaming a file Windows, why are you such a dick?

This afternoon will no doubt be all about inhaling deeply and swallowing every reaction that comes naturally to me. People don’t like it when you tell them their jokes are dumb and their story about their really nice dentist is a god-damn shit-show. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT LINDA!

I forgot my lunch at home today. A kale salad, honeydew melon and a yogurt. It was a god-damn thing of beauty and I forgot it at home. It was responsible and nutritious and I forgot it at home.

I feel like a cat today. I want to push stuff off desks to watch them fall to the floor. I want to tap your coffee mug until it crashes to the ground, holding eye contact with you as you absorb that it was on purpose. I want to walk away quietly and leave you with the realization that today, I don’t give a shit.

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