Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Way ahead of yah!

I really enjoy, and benefit from the perspectives of Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. I receive his newsletter and have recommended it to a few friends who also love it.

This week, it seems, well, in my wheel-house.
Psychotherapist Jennifer Welwood says that sadness is often at the root of anger. Feelings of loss and disappointment and heartache are the more primary emotions, and rage is a reflexive response to them. But sadness often makes us feel vulnerable, while rage gives us at least the illusion of being strong, and so most of us prefer the latter. But Welwood suggests that tuning in to the sadness almost always leads to a more expansive understanding of your predicament; and it often provides the opportunity for a more profound self-transformation. I invite you to apply these meditations to your own life, Capricorn. The time is right.
I think part of what makes sadness so hard to shake is that it includes a certain acceptance of a loss, of pain, or of something difficult. It can be mourning a loss. It can be just coming to terms with a new reality. Sadness usually comes with a certain type of acceptance. Anger can often be a rejection of that, the refusal to accept something, or the resentment of what that acceptance implies. 

With sadness, sometimes you are fully aware of your pain, and fully aware of your situation, because in trying to understand it, you've really seen it from every angle. Part of it seems like just recovering from that, recovering from the trauma of that disappointment and fear. 

I'm way ahead of yah Rob!


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