Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This past weekend was a long one, thanks to thanksgiving. I needed the break, and it was appreciated. I went for dinner at a friends place Friday night, and the rest of the weekend I spent at home, running errands, cooking and doing chores. I slept in until 10 or 11 am all three days. It was really nice.

The days flew by nonetheless, with Monday being spent cooking all day. I made a lasagna, chicken bone broth, leak soup, pizzas and cut up some salad and strawberries. We also took some time to drop off clothes and books at Renaissance. Sunday I made a french onion soup from scratch, as a treat for my mom and I, since it was just us two for thanksgiving. For lunch we had fresh tomato sandwiches, with bread from the bakery and farm-fresh tomatoes. They were exquisite. Saturday we went for breakfast and ran errands.

This week will be a short one, yesterday was off due to the holiday, and I took Friday off since C is down from Victoria. She's only down for a few days, so we'll spend the day together.

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend for our farmer's markets. Prices should be reduced as they try and liquidate their stock, so I'll try and buy a bunch of tomatoes to A) eat a bunch of tomato sandwiches and B) make a bunch of spaghetti sauce for freezing.

It was so nice to have the time to do things but without the rush. I knew I had a list of things I wanted to do, but I also knew I had three days to do those things. Usually with socialising on Saturdays and volunteering on Sundays I really have to be productive with my time, or else I pay for it during the week. Meal-prep and cooking makes a huge difference on my budget. Buying lunches downtown is 15-25$. Cheapest is around 10-12 - but that's horseshit white bread sammies sold by a money laundering sandwich counter owned and operated by the massage/sex-shop on top of it. Tastes sketchy!

Sunday I also watched the second presidential debate, which was horrifying. I can't even go into that. I just cannot even.

It was a nice weekend between my mother and I. We did some things together, some apart. We both had chores. She encouraged and enjoyed all of my cooking (lol) and we both slept in. It was nice. It was the perfect way to spend thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my mother and our relationship.

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