Tuesday, June 23, 2015

David Letterman.

I just got around to reading the Rolling Stone interview with David Letterman. I watched a lot of his final shows before he retired. The entire thing was pretty emotional (which is difficult considering how much emotion seems to make Dave uncomfortable) Norm MacDonald's segment absolutely killed me. I cried like a baby.

Letterman has a special place in my heart. I grew up watching him and Conan. Conan was the absurd side of me, and Letterman was the cranky side of me. He was like the grandpa I never had and always wanted. Cranky like me. We could sit on a porch, talk, and cackle.

His interview in Rolling Stone discusses his struggles with both depression and anxiety:
For years and years and years — 30, 40 years — I was anxious, and hypochondriacal, and an alcoholic, and many, many other things that made me different from other people. The hypochondriacal behavior . . . it sounds stupid, but it was killing me! Doctors kept telling me not to come back. 'Really, Dave. There's nothing.' Finally, I found out it's all a manifestation of anxiety. Once you realize that, you can self-monitor. Which I've found very useful.

Though he avoided medication for years, he eventually started taking antidepressants 25 years ago.

I was suspicious, and sceptical, and nervous about it. But it changed my life. I used to have kind of a hair trigger; I used to put my fist through Sheetrock. 

He says he's much happier now, and has let a lot go. He goes to talk therapy, he practices meditation. If you're a Letterman fan, it's a nice read. I just think it's nice to read something about a 68 year-old person with mental health struggles, doing more than what he referred to as years of just "enduring" life.

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